My Woodworking Projects & Stories

In this section I am writing about my woodworking projects. They usually start with an idea that I or my wife got.

Sometimes it is plainly the answer to the question “is it worth it to spend a lot of money on something that shouldn’t be to hard to make myself?” - like cabinets or shelves for the garage or the workshop, or a raised plant bed.

Then there are things like tools, jigs or storage, that are needed in the process of building something else.

And sometimes I just want to have fun or do something else, getting away from the IT, etc… :wink:

Building a Raised Vegetable Garden

7 minute read

During winter I’ve built a 16ft plant bed entirely from construction grade, leftover redwood from a construction site.

Making a Wooden Spice Rack

4 minute read

A small woodworking project where I used SketchUp first to determine what to build and how.