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It’s-a me, Mario!


My name is Mario a.k.a. McFiscH. I’m a SysAdmin, a DevOps Engineer, a Geek, a Casual Gamer, a Casual Musician, a Woodworker - oh, a Dad and Husband as well, so there might be one or two puns and dad jokes appearing in the blog. And since I’m German, they may even be more terrible than one would expect…

I live in the San Francisco East Bay in California.

Mostly I want to write about very specific issues I have to solve with all the gadgets and tech at home (as those are usually the issues I can solve - unlike those with the kids, for example). Many of these (the tech issues, not the kids) will be something that arise from special circumstances that make it harder to find solutions online, so I hope mine will help others, too. Others may grow off situations where I’ve gone wrong at some point, but was too stubborn or just incapable of acknowledging my own failure, doing what Germans excel in: “keeping to ride the dead horse”.

Some of the posts will be about woodworking projects, which I have (or may not have yet) finished, as this is another thing I like to do but don’t have as much time for as I’d would like to.

And sometimes I’ll use this blog as a scratch pad to scribble down something that I need to remember, and that would normally fit into, let’s say, a wiki - but I don’t have one, so it goes here.

However, I hope you enjoy what you see here, come back any time!

– Mario